Sigrid Agren for Rouge Coco Chanel - CLIP

Sigrid Agren for Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Clip

Constance Jablonski for Estée Lauder Skin-tone-illuminator

Fei Fei Sun for DKNY Be Delicious

Charlotte di Calypso for Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Fragrance

Sigrid Agren for Numero

Terese Pagh for Grazia Italia

Maria Palm for MADAME

Camilla Vest for Garnier

Noreen Carmody for Nina Ricci L´Air Fragrance

Constance Jablonski for Estee Lauder

Caroline Brasch Nielsen for Vogue Russia

Malgosia Bela for Vogue Paris

Julia Saner for Vogue Japan

Constance Jablonski for Harper´s Bazaar US

Julia Saner for The Sunday Times

Valerie van der Graaf for Avantgarde